Take your theme to a whole new level and add layering and a sense of reveal. In this design, the combination of birds, branches and bird cages partnered with a refreshing color palette of soft grays, silvers, bright orange and red purples. The envelope opened to reveal the bright purple birdcage sleeve containing the invite. Guests could even open the door to see the orange bird underneath! Both the birdcage sleeve and band were lasercut out of paper.

Invitation card is 3 color letterpress and reply card and reception cards are 2 color letterpress printed on ultra thick premium stock. Reply envelope is two color letterpress. Invite suite includes hand calligraphy spot artwork throughout. Belly band is laser cut with orange stock and slides over invitation card. Invitation slides into laser cut sleeve made of pink shimmer stock. Mailer envelope (not shown) is 2 color letterpress.

Every Ceci Couture suite is exclusively designed by Ceci and is priced with your budget and design needs in mind. Ceci believes there is always an innovative solution within all price ranges. To give you an idea, a Ceci Couture Invitation suite starts at $2,300 for 100 suites (suites include 1 color flat printing on your invitation, mailer envelope, reply card and reply envelope). See an overview of pricing here.

To learn more and receive your personalized Ceci Couture estimate, please contact our sales specialists now.


By using Ceci, I know that no one has ever had an invite like mine...

I'm sure from all of the emails that I have sent you, you know that I absolutely love my wedding invitations. I have received so many compliments on them, a few people are even carrying them in their purses to show friends!

Of course they turned out great, I knew when looked at your site that I would have great invites, however, what I did not expect to get was the level of service or attention that I did with Ceci. Never when I decided on Ceci, did I think I would have numerous design discussions, late night email responses :), and such personal attention from an employee, much less the amazing Ceci herself! You were totally hands on and so helpful. You really listened to me and took the time to come up with and refine your designs until together we came up with the perfect invitation, for me.

By using Ceci, I know that no one has ever had an invite like mine, because the design process between you and myself was was so organic and personal and we worked at it until it was not only so amazing looking, but as so many people have told me and my mom, "looks just like Carter".

They were packed and shipped with such care, organized and in perfect condition, wrapped in white boxes tied with Ceci custom ribbons like presents, which pretty much sums up my experience with Ceci - in the end, after all the work (and I use the term work loosely, because it was so fun!) the invitations were like a really beautiful gift to send to my guests.

I love my invitations and appreciate so much all of the time and care that you put into making them so special for me. I can't wait to see how my sister's turns out!! Wish you and you company all the best and thank you for making this such an awesome experience for me!

Charleston, South Carolina



Japanese magazine Glamorous features Ceci New York

Japanese magazine Glamorous features Ceci New York


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