Behind The Design: Ceci x Nüage

Behind The Design: Ceci x Nüage

We love to be able to #bBautifyYourWorld in new ways and are thrilled to see our artwork come to life in textiles through our collection with Nüage Designs! The road to the launch of our collaboration was 2 years in the making – as friends and colleagues, Pablo and Ceci had been discussing working together on a textile collection for a while, and we're so happy they took the plunge!

Our design process and collaboration with Pablo began in the Ceci New York design studio, where we got to work on deciding how to structure our product offering and the designs to match. For Ceci and Pablo, the main goal was to highlight Ceci Johnson's beautiful watercolor artwork and take people on a journey through the design and the gorgeous textiles that Nüage Designs has to offer.

After our initial meeting with Pablo, we decided that featuring Ceci's signature watercolor florals and tropical artwork would be the best representation of both brands, and would resonate best with our joint clientele. We then got to work on a variety of seamless pattern design options for each of Ceci's watercolors to kick off the design process and begin to iterate and narrow down the best options for each product offering. Knowing that these designs would be applied to not only linens and napkins, but chargers and our Ceci Collection products as well, we spent a lot of time refining a variety of pattern design options through scale, density and color. 

Sampling the patterns on various fabrics were the next step in the process, after we felt happy with the final pattern design options! Printing on different fabrics can yield mixed results when it comes to color, so this part of the process was incredibly important to ensure that we were maintaining not only the level of quality that both brands are synonymous with, but that the color and texture felt right for the design as well. Ultimately, it made the most sense to produce the tropical designs on a linen or woven fabric, while the lush floral designs felt even more elevated and luxe printed on velvet.

Once the designs and linens were produced, Ceci New York and Nüage Designs started working on a way to package the fabric books to be presented and sold in. Since we wanted the experience to feel very high-end and special, we designed a custom printed mailer box that had the design characteristics of a pewter, leather trunk with gold "metal hardware" detailing. On the inside of the box, the fabric swatch book, brochure and box interior was flooded with the gorgeous Peony Maha pattern for a lush but modern look. The pewter color on the box exterior referenced Nüage's brand palette, while the gold was a nod to Ceci New York's brand palette and sophisticated design sensibilities, ensuring that the overall package design presentation was a perfect harmony of both brands. 

With a mix of beautiful artistry and texture through sophisticated color palettes and bright, punchy hues, it's a collaboration we're all incredibly proud of! See all the beautiful photos below for the final results and watch the video below as well for an inside look into the collaboration with Ceci and Pablo. You can also shop our Ceci Collection designs here.


Design: Ceci New York

Textiles: Nüage Designs

Photography: Erika Delgado Photography

Photography: Katie Lopez Photography

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