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  • Work Hard Play Hard

    We are a design-obsessed team who consistently push and inspire each other while doing what we love. We enjoy a friendly follow-up email just as much as we love our #TeamCeci Summer Fridays.

  • The best of the best

    We seek the most creative, detail-oriented, passionate, super-star team members in the universe, and provide an optimal work environment for them to succeed. There are no limits to what we can achieve together.

  • Dream Makers

    We are a team of dream-makers - in the business of happiness - we pride ourselves on making a difference in peoples’ lives everyday through our creativity. Get paid for making dreams come true.

  • Limitless Innovation

    If we can imagine it, we can design it. The sky is not the limit. We are a multi-faceted team of dynamic, original, and professional innovators who believe in the art of the possible.

  • Ceci New York is a hub of creativity and talent. Everyone from senior
    management to the newest intern has a positive attitude and makes
    coming to work fun!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • To be both challenged and inspired each day is the beauty of working at Ceci New York. You will be pushed to new limits in the best way possible and all with a smile and a laugh (as our team has quite the sense of humor!). Never have I been surrounded by such a hard-working and talented group of people, and of course, it all starts at the top with Ceci Johnson herself. 

    - Team Ceci Member
  • Ceci New York is a place where you can learn from every experience you have, no matter how simple or complex!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • At Ceci, you’re always being encouraged to better your own work methods and techniques. It doesn’t matter what position you have here, you’ll become better at whatever you do!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • As a designer at Ceci New York, you get to interact with the most innovative techniques and materials in the world.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • Everyone at Ceci is always pushing the envelope - we aren’t happy to just do what everyone else is doing, we’re always trying to innovate and create new experiences.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • I enjoy working at Ceci because everyday is something different. The fast paced creative environment let’s us design in many different styles for a variety of clients.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • I love working at Ceci because you have a part in making that special event that much more memorable!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • Not only is the team comprised of a highly skilled and talented group of people, we’re all truly friends in the office. There’s no such thing as a clique here, and we all enjoy hanging out with each other outside of the office (we even do kickball together!)

    - Team Ceci Member
  • I love that we all celebrate our birthdays and take time out of our busy schedules to stop and appreciate each other. The best part?
    Custom birthday cards! 

    - Team Ceci Member
  • We do a lot of activities in the office as a team, such as masquerade Halloween photo shoots, Team Ceci Thanksgiving Dinner, office Baby/Bridal Showers, Nacho Night and Wine Fridays. There’s a great company culture and everyone loves an excuse to celebrate! We work hard and play hard. 

    - Team Ceci Member
  • In my 10 years here, there hasn’t been a second that I’ve been bored. Every day brings new challenges and exciting adventures. 

    - Team Ceci Member
  • The environment here at Ceci is one of collaborative, constant creativity. Everyone is so good at what they do and we take our work seriously, but we also know the value of having a sense of humor.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • When you want a team who is really in love with what they do and brings that passion every step of the way, you want #TeamCeci!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • Ceci New York has been the perfect environment for me to utilize all of my professional skills. And to gain even more!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • I’ve never worked with such a talented and dynamic group of people!

    - Team Ceci Member
  • When I first was brought onto the Ceci Team, a colleague of mine was promoted my first day. She had said to us as a group she’d never worked with such a creative group of individuals before- if she couldn’t solve a problem herself she knew as a team we could solve anything. That stuck with me and to this day I find that true every day and through every hurdle I face. It’s so refreshing to watch our work come alive and even more refreshing to work with a group of creatives who support me with high energy.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • My favorite part about working at Ceci New York is the art of the possible. Everyday we’re creating something new and different and always thinking forward! There are no boundaries at Ceci New York.

    - Team Ceci Member
  • I love how enthusiastic and positive everyone is at Ceci New York. Complaints are rarely heard and everyone is respectful of their colleagues and extremely accountable.

    - Team Ceci Member

About the Office

Located in the heart of New York City, Ceci New York is headquartered in the Chelsea neighborhood on
West 23rd Street. Built in the early 1900s, our studio is perched on the 2nd floor and features a beautiful, open environment
that perfectly lends itself for collaboration, connecting with our clients and, of course, Team Ceci celebrations. Amid art galleries,
the local design community and bustling city streets, Ceci New York is a hub of creativity and innovation.

A Peak Inside Ceci New York



career opportunities

This isn’t just a chance to work on one-of-a-kind design projects or tell stories through
art, it is your opportunity to bring innovation to life. At Ceci New York, we work side-by-side to
turn ideas into reality and to make dreams come true. Discover your next career now.

the ceci new york internship program

We are always seeking great interns to join our growing team. Our internship programs are available
year-round and are tailor-made for motivated, eager individuals. A deep passion for luxury goods, design,
style and printing as well as a willingness to learn is essential. Discover your next internship now.

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