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Ceci New York



Inspiration Board

Elena Bensonoff enlisted Ceci New York to help make a sophisticated first impression with her new fragrance line, Orali (part of Wholistic Inc.). She was in search of a beautiful, irresistible logo for the brand that speaks to strong, intelligent and creative women who are seeking a luxurious perfume.

After we do a deep dive and get to know unique project requirements, we set the tone for the designs with a custom mood board complete with inspiration images and color palette.


Initial Concepts

We determined that Orali’s mark should be a simple, type-based logo that is scalable, versatile and pairs well with additional branded items. Combining Art Deco flair and hints of femininity, we set out to create this memorable mark that is instantly recognizable and ultimately very beautiful.



The next challenge was to take our elegant logo and create perfume bottle packaging designs that allow the luxury and symbolism behind Orali Perfume to shine through. Inspired by George Barbier illustrations, we created our own women in classic feminine scenes to grace the packaging and truly capture “the light within.” Each woman – whether strolling through a field, playing music or admiring a flower garden – exudes the essence of what the Orali name stands for.



Finalizing and perfecting the custom artwork.

Bottle Design

We aimed to create designs as divine as the scent! The result is a beautiful line with unique women for each fragrance – they’re empowering and distinctive. To purchase an Orali fragrance, click here.


Before the projects go to print, we finalized every detail and got final approval on packaging designs.

The Final Result