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Ceci Johnson

Dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of glamorous style through
design, Ceci Johnson has built a powerhouse atelier and, with
her impressive background in fine arts and graphic design,
single-handedly transformed the art of inviting and branding.

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Ceci Johnson

A force in the design world, Ceci Johnson is an influential and highly regarded entrepreneur, artist, editor and loving wife and mother. She is renowned for her creative talents, always pushing the envelope in business and design, as well as with her own fashion-forward style and sophisticated brand aesthetic. Dedicated to a lifetime pursuit of living glamorously through design, Ceci has built a powerhouse atelier and transformed the art of inviting and branding.

Born and raised in Southern California, the theater and arts weren’t just hobbies for Ceci – they were a way of life. Growing up the daughter of a successful business owner, Ceci’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at an early age. Many of the valuable business lessons Ceci has put into practice in her own company were learned while growing up and listening to her father in his office from her bedroom next door. Ceci attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she received her degree in Art & Design. As a senior, she was featured on the cover of Communication Arts Magazine – a rare honor for a student. Following a short stint designing the national bridal registry kits for the Federated Department Stores, Ceci landed on the East Coast for a job in the web consulting world.

It was in New York, with an invitation she created for a coworker’s wedding, that the Ceci New York story began.

One referral lead to another, and another, and Ceci soon realized that the world was lacking in original, innovative and personalized designs. Armed with a clear desire to create the best designs in the world, she established Ceci New York in 2004 and serves as Creative Director today. Ceci was soon pronounced as a leader in the industry winning the prestigious ModernBride “Trendsetter” award and being named an “Expert Stationer” by New York Magazine early in her career. Ceci New York soon expanded beyond the world of weddings into Social & Parties, Corporate, Baby & Kids, Stationery and Home & Gifts.

In the ensuing years, Ceci launched her first retail collection which was sold nationwide and established exclusive partnerships with The Breakers Hotel and German-based paper company Gmund, among others. In 2010, CeciStyle.com was launched. With a devoted and growing following, the online lifestyle magazine fast became a trusted resource for her style tips along with inspirations on invitations, travel, fashion, parties, decor and more. After being named Tory Burch’s “Woman to Watch” and “Invitation Innovator” by WeTV, Ceci’s client list has grown to include many distinguished and notable clients including The President of the United States, International Royalty, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Katherine Heigl, The Empire State Building, Cole Haan, Hugo Boss and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Regarded as a pioneer in the industry, Ceci has been invited regularly to speak to women in business, designers, wedding industry professionals and other entrepreneurial groups bringing her expertise and experience to audiences around the world. This platform has given her the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and see that her prowess can be used to help businesses escape their ruts and separate themselves from the pack. One of her passions lies in mentoring and consulting with other entrepreneurs as the first step in changing the path they’re on and transforming their strategy, branding and design for the better.

After years of focusing on her own business and brand, Ceci has been able to use her unique abilities and the creative power of Ceci New York to give back to causes close to her heart. At the center of Ceci New York’s philanthropic efforts is their partnership with The Birthday Party Project, a non-profit dedicated to bringing joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays. Through their artistry, Ceci and her team are honored to support their mission and bring joy in an impactful, beautiful way by donating designed party décor, birthday cards (which many children have never even been given before), personalized place mats, and birthday party banners each month. With over 10,000 kids celebrated and even more cupcakes consumed, each party follows a fun theme Ceci New York is proud to enhance. It is truly the heartbeat of Ceci New York as every order placed helps these amazing children in need on their birthday.

Ceci and her husband, Alan Johnson, a fashion executive, split their time between New York City and Connecticut with their son, Mason, and daughter, Elle.

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  • mom

    I have grown along with my business and becoming a mother allowed me to create more opportunities for others. My family constantly pushes me to work smarter, not harder.

  • entrepreneur

    I thought success looked like a straight line that only went up. In reality, it looks more like a roller coaster, complete with ups, downs and wild curves. Be prepared to weather the ride and keep standing strong through it all. No matter what.

  • designer

    The creative process I navigate for each client and collection is truly the heartbeat of my business and what sets us apart. It's when ideas and innovation happen and where the endless possibilities come to life!

  • mentor

    I design not only for beauty, but also for success. Helping fellow entrepreneurs escape their business ruts and watching their dreams grow as a result of our work is the ultimate joy.

  • 2016
  • 2017
Next appearance: Coterie Retreat | The Roosevelt New Orleans | December 4 - 8, 2016

speaking topics

Ceci Johnson travels the globe speaking to fellow designers, women in business, wedding industry professionals
and other entrepreneurial groups. She presents a number of topics ranging from her own inspirational creative journey,
to how to run a profitable, sustainable business while maintaining a work/life balance and successfully branding your company.
Bringing her varied experience and award-winning expertise to audiences around the world,
Ceci is passionate about educating, inspiring and elevating others to put their best foot forward every day.


Past Appearances Include

Ceci Johnson

Business Consulting


Strategy. Execution. Success.

We believe 50% of our job is outstanding design and the other 50% is strategy and execution. With a degree in art and design, Ceci Johnson elevates her clients’ image and identity with engaging visuals and marketing messaging designed for the digital age. Regarded as a branding expert, she consults and mentors entrepreneurs from around the world who are just starting out or looking to escape a rut. Ceci gives clarity, a focused direction and, most importantly, the tools to gain control and help take their businesses to the next level.

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What ceci can do for
your business

With a rich history and vast experience in the world of branding, Ceci Johnson has developed a step-by-step process to strategize and revamp, or create anew, your brand’s identity. As an expert in design, industry trends, and being a mom-preneur, Ceci is approachable, knowledgeable and just gets it. She will be the kick in the pants you need to ignite change.

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Ceci Johnson Business Consulting

What Ceci Can Do For Your Business

One of Ceci Johnson’s greatest passions lies in working with other entrepreneurs – primarily targeting those starting out or looking to change the path they are on. With a rich history and vast experience in the world of branding, Ceci has developed a step-by-step process to strategize and revamp, or create anew, your brand’s identity and market position to target the clients you really want. This is the good stuff and what fires up Ceci especially as she has been through the ups and downs in her own business. As an expert in design, industry trends, and being a mom-preneur, Ceci is approachable, knowledgeable and just gets it. She will be the kick in the pants you need to ignite change.

Whether you are local in New York City or across the world, it all starts with a private consultation (in person or via phone). This is where you let it all hang out; your struggles, fears, dreams and desires are laid out on the table for Ceci’s evaluation and, ultimately, her guidance. You will be lead by her confident advice to create a path to success. From there, she is available for personal coaching – work with her on an hourly basis for as long as you need. She will feel like an extension of your team.

If you're ready to dive right in and make a positive change for the better, then Ceci will begin your business transformation. Your brand makeover starts with the design of your logo, business cards, marketing materials and finally, your website. Select one or all of the above, and Ceci will position you for success to achieve your business dreams.

The biggest, most beautiful jump comes in the design phase of your makeover. Here, strategy is put into practice as we ask you to take a leap of faith and turn yourself over to Ceci and her design team as they execute on her vision for your business. Beginning with a competitive landscape, clearly identifying challenges and goals to creating initial concepts, the creation of your branding is an incredibly collaborative process. Each detail is planned out and scheduled so that you are able to focus on achievable action steps while Ceci designs for your future. Ceci and her team aim to be as full service as possible providing copywriting services and more to elevate your marketing message and that first impression. In the digital age, you cannot afford to go unnoticed.

The proof is in the pudding. Hear what a couple of past clients have to say:

“Rebranding has been a total game changer! Since I’ve rebranded, everyone looks at me completely differently whenever I go to an appointment. As soon as I call in to make an appointment with a potential wedding professional, they immediately head over to my website to learn more. Right off the bat, they’re really impressed and are so excited to work with me. Overall, I’ve had extremely positive feedback about both my business cards and my website, and I’m now receiving the initial consultation calls rather than making them! Along with doing the branding, I highly recommend doing personal coaching with Ceci Johnson. It made a huge difference. I really suggest consulting with Ceci if you’re ready to take your business to the next level. It’s one thing when someone rebrands your outward appearance, but it’s also a mental shift too. My overall confidence has changed since working with Ceci New York.” – Shellie Ferrer, Park City, Utah

“I absolutely loved working with Ceci Johnson and her team. They’re just amazing, incredibly talented and professional! From the first step of hearing my vision to the beautiful artwork and design to making all of my dreams come to life. I cannot imagine working with anyone else. If you’re looking for the best, Ceci and her team are just superb!” – Elena Pensini, Italy

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  • history of ceci new york

    Founded in 2004, Ceci New York is the authority on innovative design and event branding aiming to beautify and simplify your world.
    Learn more about the path Ceci Johnson pioneered!

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    We are honored to be featured in the world’s leading publications and media. View the latest.

  • the four c's

    These standards define the unmatched level of design and service we strive to provide for each client, every day. Learn more about the 4Cs, the pillars of Ceci New York.

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