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Original Fine Arts:

Formally trained in fine arts, Ceci Johnson’s commissioned watercolors strike the perfect balance between sophistication and original artistry.

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Each design in our collection is hand drawn by us in our studio. All of our artwork is original and unique created just for you.

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We are known for our signature, impactful prints. From tropical palm leaves and an ornate damask, to everything in between, they always make the right statement.

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The art of fine handwriting. Calligraphy is more than beautiful writing. It is a set of special skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words to show balance, integrity, harmony, rhythm and creative beauty.

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In an ever-changing digital world, hand lettering has made a come back due to the warm, personal element it brings.

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Printing Techniques:

Originally used for book printing dating back to the 15th century, this method, where ink is pressed into the paper, has seen a recent rise in popularity. We push our printers to achieve as deep of an indentation as possible resulting in a visible impression considered to be a mark of high quality coveted around the world by many.

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Foils, which are typically metallic, are pressed into paper stock via heated copper plates. Foil stamping adds shiny accents to a design, but can also be used to add matte colors, like white, to darker, colored papers. This technique is wildly popular adding the ultimate luxurious touch to your designs.

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The laser-cutting technology uses a high-powered laser directed through optics to cut materials like paper, wood, metal and acrylic. This technique adds intricately cut details to an invitation, sleeve or bellyband, for example.

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Engraving, which was first used by silversmiths to proof intricate designs, is achieved by etching designs onto a copper plate, then transferring from plate to paper resulting in a detailed, raised design on the surface of the paper. Because of the intense pressure on press, engraving causes bruising on the backside of the paper, which is viewed as a sign of authenticity and prestige.

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Hand finishing often involves the individual gluing of envelopes, invitations being hand-mounted to a separate piece for added design, and assembling of laser cut or printed bands around a set of cards. These are the final steps of many printing processes involving careful, quality handwork to complete and finalize a piece up to our Ceci standards.

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Die-cutting is the cutting by machine of paper and other materials into shapes with sharp steel knives. We love to create unique, custom die shapes for our invitations, business cards, envelopes, and anything really!

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Our Creative Process

As artists and designers, we navigate a unique creative process for each client.
Our personalized experience is truly the heartbeat of our business and what sets us apart. We draw inspiration from the world around us – fashion, family, arts and entertainment, travel, and more – always striving to beautify your world.

Orali  | Perfume
Featured Case Study

Orali Perfume

Elena Bensonoff enlisted Ceci New York to help make a sophisticated first impression with her new fragrance line, Orali (part of Wholistic Inc.). She was in search of a beautiful, irresistible logo for the brand that speaks to strong, intelligent and creative women who are seeking a luxurious perfume.

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