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We navigate a unique creative process for each client. Our personalized experience is truly the heartbeat of our business and what sets us apart.

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Share Your Needs

Share Your Needs

When you book your appointment, you’ll be asked a couple questions that will give us a sense of your style, your project requirements, and the preferred price range that is right for you.  P.S. You don’t have to come up with the ideas before you book, that’s our specialty!

Consult With Ceci

Consult With Ceci

During your personal consultation (either by phone or in person), you’ll discuss your design goals and needs. We will brainstorm ideas and pour over all the details to make your project truly one-of-a-kind.

Design Presentation

Design Presentation

You’ll receive a full presentation of our exclusive Ceci Couture Concepts created just for you. Featuring custom sketches of our innovative ideas, mood boards, color palettes and font studies to kick off your project. Select your favorite designs to make them a reality!

Enjoy The Process

Enjoy The Process

Collaborate with our award-winning team and experience our white glove service. You’ll be expertly guided through your project so you can relax and enjoy the creative process. We are committed to excellence and will work with you to refine the designs until they’re perfect for you!

Love All The Compliments

Love All The Compliments

And that’s all there is to it!

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What you'll receive

We take every measure to ensure each experience is completely tailored to you. In your private consultation, you'll be able to share your hopes, visions, and personal style with Ceci Johnson, your dedicated project manager, and the design team.
Ceci New York’s design process always starts with a color mood board speaking to your needs, as well as a detailed font study to show options that complement our vision for you.
Ceci herself loves options, and we love giving them to our clients too! Every design presentation will include at least 3 design concepts for you to select from.
Throughout the design process, we share our recommended paper, ink, and material swatches so you know exactly how your finished design will look and feel.
A truly unique feature of the Ceci New York couture design process, we allow for as many revisions as you’d like in order to get your design exactly where it needs to be.
It’s our goal at Ceci New York to ensure you not only end up with a unique and beautiful design for your event, but that you have fun throughout the process! Ceci’s friendly client service team ensures your happiness at every step.
We pride ourselves in creating the art of the possible for every design we work on. When your project is complete, we know you’ll be blown away by the final results, and your guests will too!

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What Clients Are Saying

As I began working with Ceci Johnson, I found a woman who wanted to collaborate with me rather than tell me her vision. I think a lot of talented artists think they know best, and usually they do, but one should still respect your client’s thoughts, and that’s what I felt coming from Ceci. I think it takes a lot of self-confidence to listen to others’ thoughts and still produce something that has your mark on it, and I think Ceci is an expert in this area.

When I did not have a clear idea, Ceci was able to guide me; when I did not love something, Ceci’s team was able to work with me and help me find what I wanted. I have only had the most amazing feedback about all my wedding stationery. Ceci was a pleasure to work with. Everything was of the highest quality. Her invitation was, and will always be, a work of great art to my husband and me

Reshma Shetty

Ceci Johnson was amazing to work with. I loved getting inspired in her showroom.

I knew I wanted our wedding to feel like a Disney fairy tale meets Marie Antoinette with Sèvres inspirations meets Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka for the latter events. So I found it helpful to keep folders of tear sheets and objects from each genre of inspiration. Most important was to keep this all organized so it was easy to reference for meetings with vendors.

She made our program and escort candy bars extra special with her ability to laser cut and print any type of design. In fact, our wedding coordinators were so surprised that not one program was left behind. Every guest wanted one as a keepsake because it really was unique and stunning.

Dylan Lauren

It was fabulous!! I could not have been happier with the process. I would say have fun – have a sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to be bold. I found not polling everyone I know about details helped me stay sane. If I liked something, I committed to it. I tried not to confuse myself by looking at every dress on the planet once I found the one I loved.

As for the invites – they are the overture to your event, the first part of the party, so you should set the tone that you hope to set for your big day. Ceci Johnson was fun, attentive, and her team had great ideas to help shape what Dan and I had been dreaming of. I would use them for any event in the future!

Arden Myrin



Four months is recommended to fully enjoy the Ceci Couture experience. Every design is created from our imaginations, giving you a unique, collaborative experience. We love to pore over every detail with you throughout the creative process.

Our team can accommodate any projects with more urgent timeframes. Please feel free to contact our team for availability.

Ceci Couture design service is a very special creative and collaborative process designed around you and your specific needs. Together, we work to refine every detail to ensure the perfect invitation for you. You will receive a statement invitation suite unlike any other!

Pricing is dependent on your custom enhancement choices and changes to the starting specs. Since we have so many possibilities, we invite you contact us at hello@cecinewyork.com so that we may better service you. To experience our designs in person, our sample packs are available for purchase here.


We do not have a minimum order requirement. Our team is happy to create invitations and day of accessories for any quantity, whether it’s 5 to over 5,000! Please feel free to contact us to share your project details, and we will work with you to provide an estimate.

We offer the most specialized printing techniques for your designs and are one of the only design houses able to successfully mix methods that result in the most creative designs around. Depending on the process, these capabilities can change the texture and detailing of a design in the best way possible. We love combining techniques (like enhancing your names or designs with foil stamping) that add depth and a little something extra special. To help give you an idea of the most frequently used printing methods, below is a breakdown. And if you’re a visual person, like us, order a sample pack so you can touch, feel and experience our distinct quality first hand (there’s nothing like it!).

Our most popular printing technique is letterpress where ink is pressed into the paper with photopolymer plates. Originally used for book printing starting in the 15th century, this method has seen a tremendous rise in popularity. While it used to be considered a flaw in the printing process back in the day, we now push our print partners to achieve a deep indentation resulting in a visible impression which is consider today to be a mark of quality. Due to the hand nature of this artisanal printing process, variation in color and coverage should be expected.

With foil stamping, foils (which are often metallic) are also pressed into paper stock via heated copper plates (also commonly known as hot stamping). Foil stamping is typically used to add shiny, luxurious accents to your design, but can also be used to add matte colors, like white, to colored paper. Foil stamping may leave a light impression on your paper.

Flat printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to paper stock or when an inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. While development of the offset press began in the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that images were printed on paper. Items may be digitally printed or offset printed depending on the item.

Engraving, which was first used by silversmiths to proof intricate designs, is achieved by etching designs onto a copper plate, then transferring from plate to paper resulting in a detailed, raised design on the surface of the paper. Because of the intense pressure on press, engraving causes bruising on the backside of the paper, which is viewed as a sign of authenticity and prestige.

Additional processes, like die-cutting which changes the shape of the design and laser-cutting which adds intricate cutout details to an invitation, sleeve or bellyband, for example, are incorporated throughout the Ceci Collection.

Please view our Artistry where additional information about our printing techniques can be found.

Yes! We love to design and print invitations in languages from around the world. Once we get started in the design process, all we ask is for you to send us your wording so our team can incorporate it into your design – exactly as you like it!

Yes, we can ship any order internationally! Since we work with clients all over the world, our team has incredible experience in ensuring your order arrives to you when – and where! – you need it. Your Ceci Project Expert will work with you on all aspects related to final delivery.

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