A Forest Green Boxed Invitation with gold foil for A chic Wedding in st. Barths

A Forest Green Boxed Invitation with gold foil for A chic Wedding in st. Barths

At Ceci New York, we have the pleasure of working with high-profile clients, including fashion blogger and television personality Courtney Kerr. Her style is known for being chic and polished, and we wanted to capture that in the design of her invitations.

We drew inspiration from her love for St. Barths, using jewel-toned colors and tropical patterns, as well as nods to her Texas roots. We incorporated a mix of green hues and beach-inspired patterns, such as palm leaves and coastal shapes, to create a stylish and lively design. Metallic gold-foil accents added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the overall look.



We take pride in offering a personalized experience for each of our clients, and when working on Courtney's wedding invitations, we collaborated closely with her to ensure the design reflected her vision and preferences. The final design incorporated our Mercury Glass invitation and reply card from our Ceci Collection, with added Ceci Couture elements like the deep green box, satin ribbon, personalized monogram, and detail cards with watercolor artwork. The couple's "Noonan Beach" monogram was a play on the groom’s last name, Noonan. We also utilized a combination of printing techniques, including foil stamping and letterpress, to add depth and texture to the design.


As with all of our projects, we paid close attention to every detail of Courtney's wedding invitations. From the quality of the paper to the placement of each element, we ensured that every aspect of the design was executed to perfection. We also included a couture liner with the box to add an island-chic touch.

Designing invitations for Courtney Kerr's wedding in St. Barths was an honor for us at Ceci New York. Our team brought Courtney's vision to life through a unique and personalized design that reflected her fashion-forward style and personality.

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