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Through our artistry, we’re honored to contribute to the Birthday Party Project work and bring joy in an impactful, beautiful way. With over 10,000 kids celebrated and even more cupcakes consumed, each party follows a fun theme we’re proud to enhance with our original designs created. Every purchase made on our website supports The Birthday Party Project.

Joy changes lives


“From the moment I met Paige Chenault, the Founder and CEO of The Birthday Party Project, I was immediately taken with her passion, drive and endless energy she puts towards advancing the mission of her organization. Bringing joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays is work I knew that Ceci New York needed to be apart of.” – Ceci Johnson

As a child, I always loved making birthday cards and creative decorations as birthdays meant fun, celebration, joy and love. Every one, no matter their circumstances, should relish this one special day each year. When I first learned of the work Paige was doing, and heard about all of these children who weren’t receiving any sort of celebration, it became clear to me that we could give back in a beautiful, inspiring way and help bring joy into their lives through design.

After immersing myself at their headquarters in Dallas and partying with Paige and her crew, I was fortunate to see firsthand the energy and happiness that spreads like wildfire while also spotting opportunities to help bring even more magic to these special kids through our gift of design. We bring their themes to life each month with custom party décor and aim to make every celebration more impactful and truly memorable by ensuring each child receives a 

personalized keepsake birthday card – a simple something that many have never received before.

Now with operations in New York City, I am touched by the growth and efforts of The Birthday Party Project. I encourage my team to volunteer so that we can celebrate through our gift of design as well as hands-on in person. Nothing replaces the joy you feel when you make that connection with a child on their birthday. Knowing even more children will now be celebrated, especially in our backyard, it makes me incredibly happy to be serving them and giving back. I cannot wait to reach even more deserving kids and reinforce their mission with our work.

At Ceci New York we strongly believe that design brings joy. And joy really does changes lives.



A vibrant and bold design that celebrates our shared love of expression in the digital age, our Emoji Party designs for The Birthday Party Project are sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike! To shop this design, please click the link below.

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Light, airy, sweet & fun, our Spring Fling birthday party designs for The Birthday Party Project are a great way to usher in the new season! To shop this design, please click the link below.

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Abracadabra! These "magical" designs for The Birthday Party Project were positively mesmerizing and super fun. To shop this design, please click the link below.

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Calling all artists! Our Art Party designs for The Birthday Party Project are a creative way to celebrate the little artists in your life. To shop this design, please click the link below.

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