A Dreamy Arabic Invitation Box With Ethereal Florals

Blue velvet wedding invitation in Arabic

Here at Ceci New York, we are experienced in designing for clients all across the globe. Inspired by the textures, colors, and styles that characterize these unique places and cultures, we are constantly growing with each project we complete. In this case, we had grandeur visions of an intricate and ethereal Saudi Arabian wedding for #cecibride Nujood. 

Often our clients come to us with a lack of ideas on how to make their special day come to life. But no fear if, like Nujood, you don't necessarily have a clear vision pinned down. Luckily, opportunities like this excite us to imagine even bigger and better invitations that exceed any dreams our clients might have had. We call it the Art of The Possible and that's exactly what we love to do. We've even had our clients tell us The Ceci Design Team truly has the magic touch! We believe that it is the ultimate luxury to turn yourself over to a designer and are here to use our artistic abilities to create your perfect wedding card.

In this case, our design process began by drawing inspiration from the cloud-like qualities of a single flower Nujood had chosen for decor (pictured above). Straight away, we knew a box could be the perfect way to give dimension to her invitation while allowing the flower to bloom with each piece that was revealed. We wanted the blue hues within the suite to mix the richness of deep and royal notes with the soft, light tones that colored the velvet box. Along with the sky-like texture of the box’s exterior and silky ribbon, which unraveled for guests to reveal the invitation itself, we wanted to incorporate marble as a nod to the beautiful nature in Nujood's home country, Saudi Arabia. We felt that it was important to highlight this element in a way that didn’t take away the airiness of the look and feel. We decided upon a lovely hexagon shaped stone of white marble with beautiful grey veining, which was then carried into the inside of the box where it lay as the background for the invite details.

Below is the Ceci Couture Concepts presentation in which our visions for Nujood's invitations were illustrated so she could pick which direction she liked best. This way, she could see the wide array of design concepts, techniques, and finishes we could provide in creating her wedding invitation cards.

Atop the marble, gold metallic Arabic script traced along the invite encased in a bed of blue flowers that lined the box’s edges. Because the single flower was the inspiration for the entire suite, we wanted to make sure the florals in her invitation would translate into the event perfectly. We went back and forth, determined to get the flowers just right so that they would mirror the large dimensional blue arrangements at the wedding, but not give too much away. Our design team finally landed on an abstract version of the flowers that we watercolor painted to create a variety of gorgeous blue tones. These were then transformed into the individual access cards for every guest to use for entrance into the wedding. Each layer of the flower was a hint to the guests of what they would truly experience on Nujood’s special day.


Invitation Design & Event Branding: Ceci New York | Custom Watercolor: Ceci New York | Event Design: Design Lab Experience

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