A Roaring '20s Deco Invitation For Max Finkelstein Inc.'s Centennial Celebration

Great Gatsby inspired corporate event invitation

We've all dreamt about the luxurious and glamorous parties of the roaring '20s. From the pearls, fringe, and feathers to the entertainment, music, and dancing, this era is full of inspiration for parties of all sorts. When Max Finkelstein, a tire distributor out of the northeast, came to us to design their centennial celebration in 2019, we couldn’t wait to decorate their event with all of the shimmer and shine that a deco style party thrown by Gatsby himself would rave about.

Max Finkelstein Inc. is a family owned and operated organization. Although they wanted this event to be a party that highlighted the team members that ran in the company’s DNA, they also wanted to emphasize how everyone’s hard work had built something so large and impactful by maintaining a corporate tone through their decor and detailing. We explored ways to tie in the Great Gatsby theme by playing around with a flapper style performer, tire swings, and feathers. Ultimately, we landed on a logo that stayed true to the heart of the company’s milestone and cause of celebration, 100 years as leaders in the tire industry, with a lined tire itself encircling this message. This logo was carried from the invitation to escort cards to artwork that wrapped around the marquees at the event commemorating this major moment in history.

Our design for the suite included a pearl white envelope with deco typography and custom stamps featuring the centennial logo. The invite itself was decorated with silver deco patterning that encased the logo in the center of the card. On the front, a simple pearl white background framed the celebratory details in Gatsby inspired font. This design was then used for both the menus and table numbers on the night of the event. Every detail that we created brought guests back to the beginning of Max Finkelstein Inc. and uniquely celebrated the successes along the way.

“For Max Finkelstein Inc.'s centennial, we had a vision for our guests to step back in time to the 1920's when the company began. Ceci New York helped us bring that vision to life. Bridging a corporate event with the intimacy and warmth of a family business is no easy feat, but with Ceci's help, we took 400 people to the 20’s and made them feel like they were a part of the family. Their team successfully helped us create an elegant, professional event that still felt comfortable for our guests from all walks of life. The giant display with escort cards (that doubled as name tags) set the tone for the event as guests were invited to 'Party Like it's 1919'. Almost a year later, our guests are still talking about what a wonderful event it was. Thank you, Ceci and Kellie!”


See how this invitation suite evolved as we tested different visuals and details throughout our design process. 

Explore more about this event and our inspirations by reading A Great Gatsby Centennial Celebration for Max Finkelstein Inc. at The Ziegfeld Ballroom.


Invitation Design & Event Branding: Ceci New York   |  Venue: Ziegfeld Ballroom   |  Photography: Fred Marcus Studio    |  Entertainment: Element Music

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