Ask Ceci: A Simple Guide to The Perfect Handwritten Thank You Note


In the digital world that we live in today, it's easy to get caught up in emails, texts, and messaging. Sometimes it seems like we’ve lost genuine touch with the people we love because screens have gotten in the way. But we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be hard to make anyone in your life feel extra special with something a bit more personal. As Ceci always says, “The ultimate luxury is receiving a handwritten note.” So today, we want to share the basics on writing the perfect thank you note! This lost art might be much easier than you think. Just follow along with our format and you will be impressing friends and family in no time!

Dear ________ ,

Thank you so much for ________ . (Make sure to mention the specific gift right off the bat so that you jog their memory and set the tone for detailed information.) 

I am looking forward to (using ____ /wearing _____ /going to ____ ) soon. (Tell them how you are going to incorporate their gift into your life. It is always good to feel like a gift is going to good use!) 

Every time I pass the ________ I think of you! or You are so thoughtful to think of me! (Note the thoughtful nature of the gift.) 

Sending well wishes (from ______ to _____ ). (Feel free to add the places that both of you are in if the distance doesn’t allow you to see each other often!)

It has long been a question of how to best sign off in a handwritten note. We believe that with so many options, it really just depends on your style! A lot can be said through the personality you add to your signature. We’ve given a couple of examples for different types of sign-offs that are sure to add personal flair to your thank you notes.


Warm regards,








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