An Urban Neon Bat Mitzvah Invitation With Geometric Laser Cut Bordering

An Urban Neon Bat Mitzvah Invitation With Geometric Laser Cut Bordering

Our team is always excited to work with clients who aren’t afraid to bring big statements with their event details. For client Taylor, the bright and bold bat mitzvah invitation she dreamed of turned into just that, complete with custom street-style patterns and playful multi-color details.

The invitation was encased in a sleek black envelope with white text in a brick-like font. This style was inspired by graffiti wall art that our design team chose to mirror in Taylor’s liner for an authentic urban feel. Inside, our own take on this vibrant mural painted bright stars and hearts with “T”s in blue, red, yellow, and pink neon colors. Ceci Johnson hand painted this print with layered shapes and splatter like dots that made this liner feel like her own canvas.

For an extra special element, Ceci hand painted coordinating street-style sneakers for Taylor to wear while dancing with her family and friends at the event. There are no boundaries to the ways in which our designs can carry into any event and with one of a kind ideas like this, our creativity and capabilities are constantly growing!

Inside of the envelope, the invitation was a thick card with geometric lasercut bordering that framed the “T” in Taylor’s name. We highlighted the T as the centerpiece of the design in a way that allowed us to carry it into many of our event accessories with added graphics and neon tones. The T was cut out so that different colors could be placed behind the invitation and add extra dimension. Hot pink and aqua bursts shone through several of the cutout shapes that decorated the sides along with bubble like flourishes. The edges were multicolored blue and pink with a unique ombre effect that brought a softer touch to this decorative urban style card.



Watch Ceci Johnson hand paint these custom street-style sneakers that glowed as bright as the decorations on this neon night!

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