Room At The Beach, a bohemian boutique hotel in the Hamptons

Room At The Beach, a bohemian boutique hotel in the Hamptons

Our #CeciBranding client, Room at the Beach – a brand-new, boutique hotel located in The Hamptons – came to Ceci New York looking for a fresh logo design and branded collateral that captured the essence of their unique hotel. Although their name and location does lend itself to a primarily beachy vibe, Room at the Beach is actually surrounded by stunning Redwood trees, giving the hotel an exclusive, sheltered feel.

As we started discussing what they were looking for in our initial design consult, Room at the Beach made it clear that they didn't want to mislead guests with a logo that made it seem like their hotel was located directly on the beach. Our main goal for their brand design was to ensure we captured the vibe of both the beach and secluded wooded location, all while keeping a high level of sophistication The Hamptons is synonymous with.

Ceci and the design team started the design process with sketches, exploring the dual nature of the location and experimenting with visual iconography that could visually represent the hotel. Some keywords explored were: beach, ocean, umbrella, sand bucket, waves, room, house, door, key, simplicity, and minimalism. The design team also explored hand-drawn and hand-painted typography to give the brand a sophisticated, bohemian vibe, which was another element that the client hoped to convey via the hotel decor and interiors. The decor choices lent us to incorporate lots of patterns within our design options to make the overall brand design feel very worldly and bohemian. In fact, the patterns we created were inspired by some of the rugs and dressers that were purchased for the rooms!

Take a look at some of our initial sketches and our Couture Concepts Presentation below: 

The client ended up really liking that a redwood tree was incorporated into the logo, and ultimately landed on the logo design shown below. By combining the redwood tree and beach umbrella along with typography treated in a hand-drawn, illustrative way, we created a polished but bohemian logo design that truly captures the essence of this boutique Hamptons hotel.

Take a look at the evolution of the brand design in the video below:


 Once we solidified the logo design, we got to work on applying those coordinating brand patterns on a wide variety of collateral including: business cards, notepads, stationery, coasters, room keys, do not disturb door handle tags, paper cups and matches. For the collateral, the client wanted us to focus on creating items for community creating, i.e. items that would promote their customers to mix and mingle, as they wanted Room at the Beach to be the fun kind of hotel where you're friendly with all of the guests!

Watching the printed collateral come to life through all of the custom designed patterns and brand elements was such a fun process for us, and we're so happy that our Room at the Beach client Lucy agrees:

'Creating our hotel branding with Ceci and her team was an absolute joy. Ceci has the most incredible ability to listen to concepts and then translate them into a stunning reality. I knew I really wanted our hotel rooms to be accented with gorgeous branded details and Ceci realized this dream magnificently. Everything from the do-not-disturb sign, cute little notepads, adorable coasters, to our postcards and business cards, is exactly what we had hoped for. Each item adds so much to our rooms! We ended up doing three different prints because we wanted the eclectic/beachy/striped design of our hotel to come through in the branding— and that meant not just going with one uniform style. Ceci totally understood this and helped guide us to the best possible assortment of everything we needed. The hardest thing about working with Ceci was that I always want to ask her for more— because I love her work so much and collaborating with her and her fabulous team is always so fun and rewarding.'


Take a look at all the gorgeous details in the photos below!


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