Ceci Johnson Spoke at the Event Planner Expo NYC

Ceci Johnson at the Event Planner Expo

Ceci Johnson, the visionary behind Ceci New York, recently took the stage at the event planner expo to share her insights on marketing and branding, unveiling effective marketing strategies for business growth. In her panel discussion, she addressed the strategies that have proven effective for her over the years, along with additional valuable insights for entrepreneurs and marketers.  

Ceci Johnson speaking at the Event Planner Expo

Ceci encouraged businesses not to shy away from putting themselves out there. She highlighted the importance of seeking exposure in places that align with your brand and target audience.


She emphasized the significance of investing effort into things you can control. Building and maintaining assets like an email list, website, and engaging blog is valuable on top of your social media.


Effective marketing can be time-consuming. She advised the audience to keep posting consistently to maintain a fresh online presence and avoid leaving long gaps between posts. Neglecting your online presence can lead to doubt among your audience. However, she also reminded the audience to balance the time and energy spent on social media with other activities in their schedule that truly matter and bring value.


The discussion extended to the immense power of video in marketing. She revealed her successful strategy of taking her audience behind the scenes of her creative processes through live sessions, inviting opinions and feedback from her audience. This interactive approach not only fosters engagement but also allows the audience to connect on a personal level, enhancing brand loyalty and trust.


Ceci also touched on the importance of building strategic partnerships. Collaborating with influencers, other businesses, and industry leaders can expand your reach and introduce your brand to a new audience.


We believe that 50% of our job is outstanding design, and the other 50% is strategy and execution. Regarded as a branding expert, Ceci consults and mentors select entrepreneurs from around the world who are just starting or looking to escape a rut. She gives clarity, a focused direction, and most importantly, the tools to gain control and help take your business to the next level. Book your consultation here

Ceci Johnson travels the globe speaking to fellow designers, women in business, wedding industry professionals, and other entrepreneurial groups. She presents on many topics ranging from her inspirational creative journey, to how to run a profitable, sustainable business while maintaining a work/life balance and successfully branding your company.

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