Ceci speaking at RSVP Istanbul

This week, Ceci had the honor of showcasing her expertise at RSVP Istanbul Symposium, where she delved into the theme of "Trusting the Creative Process."

But before we delve into Ceci's latest insights, let's take a moment to reflect on her previous speaking engagement at RSVP Venice Symposium. At this event, Ceci boldly tackled the issue of spec work, challenging the industry norm and advocating for a more sustainable business model. The response was overwhelming—people were intrigued, eager to learn how to implement Ceci's ideas in practice.

Ceci speaking at RSVP Istanbul

In her speech at RSVP Istanbul Symposium, Ceci continued this conversation, building upon the foundation laid in Venice. She questioned the necessity of offering free creative work to prove oneself before securing a job. Instead, she challenged the status quo by advocating for a model where clients invest upfront, allowing creatives to focus on delivering exceptional results without the pressure of constant validation.

Ceci emphasized the importance of trust in building lasting relationships with clients. Trust, she explained, is not just about delivering a final product—it's about fostering a collaborative partnership rooted in mutual respect and understanding. By shifting the sales narrative from product-driven to process-oriented, Ceci empowers both herself and her clients to prioritize innovation and creativity over immediate gratification.

The heart of Ceci's message lies in showcasing the creative process. She encourages fellow creatives to educate clients about their unique creative process, inviting them behind the scenes to witness the dedication and expertise that goes into every project. By managing expectations from the start and establishing clear boundaries, she ensures a smoother workflow and a more fulfilling client experience.

So, how does this translate into practice? Ceci outlined a customer flow that emphasizes collaboration and commitment. From the initial sales call to the final delivery, each step is carefully orchestrated to build trust and confidence. By requiring a commission upfront and providing real case analyses, Ceci sets the stage for success and demonstrates the value of her services.

RSVP Istanbul

As she continues to champion the creative process, she invites others to join her in redefining the way we do business. So, are you ready to take control and embrace the power of trust? The journey starts now.

And remember, whether you're an event planner, designer, or entrepreneur, the customer isn't just buying a product—they're investing in you and your ability to create something truly extraordinary. So, let's build trust, let's innovate, and let's create together.

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Ceci Johnson travels the globe speaking to fellow designers, women in business, wedding industry professionals, and other entrepreneurial groups. She presents on many topics ranging from her inspirational creative journey, to how to run a profitable, sustainable business while maintaining a work/life balance and successfully branding your company.

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