KT Merry Interviews Ceci Johnson for Women Work Series

KT Merry Interviews Ceci Johnson for Women Work Series

You can typically find Ceci Johnson, our Founder, and Creative Director, working in the studio with our design team, painting watercolors, gracing red carpets, and running in her designer heels to and fro to spend time with her kiddos. Somehow she even manages to fit in a fashion show or two. She is a momtrepreneur after all (where are all of our working moms at? This one's for you.)!

Ceci was thrilled to have the chance to catch up with her dear friend and colleague, KT Merry, a renowned photographer, and industry expert. KT just started a new series in her journal, coined "Women Work," where she interviews women leaders in business and seeks insights into their process, habits, purpose, recommendations, and everything that makes up their success. KT asks Ceci about nearly everything from the first moment she realized Ceci New York was more than a passion to how she navigated her business through the pandemic and even down to her favorite books and current mantra.

"An industry leader and trend setter, Ceci New York started creating invitations from her New York apartment long before luxury invitations were commonplace in our industry. A talented artist, designer and daring entrepreneur Ceci Johnson, the founder and designer, continues to push the envelope (no pun intended!) in the world of design and luxury paper. Her brand has continued to evolve and grow expanding to product and partner collaborations. She is a true pioneer and I was grateful to catch up with her in New York to hear more about her background and journey…" -KT Merry, World Renown Photographer

Learn more about Ceci's journey, recommendations, and current happenings by reading the full interview here. We hope you enjoy it!


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