Ladurée and Ceci New York have come together to unveil a chic collaboration designed to celebrate the most memorable moments of your life. The two icons are releasing a limited edition line of macaron gift boxes adorned with a blooming new design by Ceci New York, hand-painted by artist Ceci Johnson, exclusively for Ladurée.

CECI X LADURÉE Macaron boxes

“It is a pleasure to launch these very special boxes that will celebrate the milestone moments in your life. With a timeless and feminine design, they will surely become a collector's item.”

- Katina Dermatas, CEO of Ladurée US.

“I have long been a fan of Ladurée and it's been a dream to work with such a famed brand and patisserie. Inspired by the elegance of flowers, my watercolor painting for Ladurée celebrates the simple beauty surrounding us, transforming everyday moments into occasions of refined grace."

- Ceci Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Ceci New York.

CECI X LADURÉE Macaron boxes

Ladurée and Ceci New York are renowned as the premier choice for life’s special milestones. From graduations to weddings, birthdays to bridal showers, Ladurée and Ceci New York together bring a certain "je ne sais quoi" to each celebration. Crafted for pure indulgence and style, this box is a unique choice for gifting, favors, or simply treating yourself to something sweet.The allure and fine design of the details in the box are timeless for any occasion, milestone, or special day. 

CECI X LADURÉE Macaron boxes


Box of 18 Macarons - $84

This limited-edition gift box containing 18 macarons is the ultimate destination for any special occasion or heartfelt gift. The stunning floral watercolor decor, unveils a full selection of macaron flavors—a luxurious treat that will delight any sweet tooth. 
Available online with nationwide shipping.


Box of 4 Macarons - $23

Box of 2 Macarons - $14

Whether you are planning a wedding, hosting a special event, or simply wish to indulge in a luxurious treat, our smallest sizes are perfect as tokens of appreciation for guests and will add an extra touch of gourmandise.

Available upon request through our Ladurée's sales team.


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