Under-The-Sea Inspired Birthday Invitations with Iridescent Pearl Details

Under-The-Sea Inspired Birthday Invitations with Iridescent Pearl Details

Every year, we look forward to the time when we have the privilege of designing for Elle, the daughter of our founder, Ceci Johnson. If you know Ceci, you know she will always go above and beyond to dream up innovative and exciting birthday parties for her two children! When we began sketching and designing Elle's "Under the Sea" birthday invitation, we were excited to take on the challenge. Elle loves mermaids, and we wanted to create unique and playful invitations that would reflect her love for the magic and beauty of the underwater world.

"Reliving #elliesmermaidbirthday in anticipation of Disney's live-action "The Little Mermaid" movie coming out on May 26th! Ever since the first one came out when I was little, this has been one of my favorite Disney movies. I hope this gives you plenty of inspiration for next season's trending party theme!" Xx Ceci

To start the design process, we researched and tested various materials to gain inspiration for the invitation design. We looked at different color schemes, typography, and shapes that are often associated with mermaids and the ocean. We also drew inspiration from Elle's favorite mermaid characters to ensure that the invitations felt personal to her.

We aimed to create invitations that would stand out and delight her guests upon receipt. To achieve this, we decided to shape the invitations like seashells and adorn them with iridescent pearl accents. We added hand-painted sea creatures and mermaids, along with an intricate crest, to the invitations, which added a playful touch. The color scheme of the invitations was kept in shades of blue, purple, and pink, creating a pastel-perfect under-the-sea look for Elle's birthday.

Like every Ceci Couture invitation, this design set the tone for Elle's fabulous fifth birthday party! Read more about her enchanting under-the-sea experience here.

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