Branding For Alago Events

Branding For Alago Events
Alago Events is a premier event planning and production company renowned for its bespoke event experiences. Founded by Mandy Lago in 2005, the company draws from her rich experience in London and New York, as well as her deep Mallorquin heritage, infusing each event with a distinctive personal touch. As the company has grown and evolved to become a leader in Mallorca's luxury events and weddings industry, they turned to Ceci New York for a refined brand image. Their vision was for a design that wasn’t “too literal,” but rather beautiful and subtly reflective of their identity, embracing a contemporary art style that unfolds intricacies upon closer examination.
Alago event New Logo
Sketches from our design process behind the scenes.
Alago event BTS
We also crafted three versatile patterns to elevate their brand across various applications. Each pattern brings its own unique charm, ensuring a cohesive and captivating brand experience.
Alago Event Pattern
Mock ups
Alago Event mockups

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