A Holographic and Lasercut Delight in Pastel Hues

A Holographic and Lasercut Delight in Pastel Hues

amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala was quickly approaching and we were thrilled to unveil the invitation design for the event. The theme for the gala was all about holographic and iridescent vibes. We drew inspiration from opalescence to reflect all the great work amfAR has done with AIDS research in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The result was a true work of art, featuring holographic elements and laser-cut details that were sure to impress any recipient.

The invitation design for amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala was inspired by the use of holographic paper and pastel hues. The holographic foil was used to reflect light in a way that mimics the bright minds dedicated to the fight against AIDS, making it the perfect choice for the inner card of the invitation.

To complement the holographic elements, pastel hues were used in the invitation design. These soft colors added a touch of elegance to the design while creating a cohesive look. The delicate pastel hues paired with the holographic elements created a truly unique and memorable design.

Intricate patterns were also incorporated into the invitation design, which led to the use of lasercut details. The lasercut details were inspired by the idea of moving facets to accomplish a bigger picture. A delicate wood material was used for the lasercut details, which complemented the holographic paper and added a level of sophistication to the design. The combination of pastel hues, holographic material, and laser-cut details created a glamorous and sophisticated design.



 The design process for the invitation was a collaborative effort between the creative team and the board at amfAR. We started with several initial design concepts that we presented, and after receiving feedback, we refined the designs and presented them again. After several rounds of revisions, we arrived at the final design, which was then printed, quality-checked, and assembled by our white-glove service team.

 The holographic paper used in the invitation design was carefully selected to create the desired effect. We tested several different types of holographic paper to find the one that reflected light in the most aesthetically pleasing way. The laser-cut details were also carefully designed and tested to ensure that they were intricate enough to be visually interesting but not too delicate that they would tear during the printing process.

We were proud to have been a part of this project and looked forward to seeing all of the incredible work of amfAR continue. The invitation design for amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala was a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of attention to detail. We hoped that it would inspire others to support this powerful and dedicated mission to #CureAids. amfAR’s mission is to end the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research. To learn more about this remarkable organization, please visit www.amfAR.org.



Creative Partners
Invitation Design + Event Branding: Ceci New York
Event Planning + Design: Rafanelli Events

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