amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala

amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala

At Ceci New York, we were thrilled to design and execute the event branding at amfAR's Second Annual Palm Beach Gala. We knew that this was an important event that aimed to raise funds for AIDS research, and we were excited to contribute to such a great cause. Our team worked tirelessly to create event branding that would be cohesive, visually stunning, and perfectly represent the event's theme and purpose.

One of the most important aspects of event branding is the signage. We designed environmental signage that was elegant and easy-to-read, which helped guests navigate their way around the event. We also designed table numbers that were both functional and beautiful, and that were an extension of the event's overall branding and design seen during the guest’s dining experience. The signage added to the luxurious atmosphere of the event and helped make it a great success.

The graphics used in the event branding were another important feature. We used the event logo on all materials and signage, which created a cohesive and visually stunning look. All of the designs used were consistent with the overall event branding, and they added to the luxurious feel of the event. The graphics were carefully selected and designed to create a cohesive look that perfectly represented the event's theme and purpose.

We were also responsible for the art and design elements of the event, which were truly impressive. These were inspired by the idea of facets, a collective of moving parts moving forward in unison to accomplish a singular goal. The art was complemented by other design elements, such as lighting and floral arrangements, which were carefully selected to enhance the overall design of the event. These elements added to the luxurious and elegant atmosphere of the event and helped make it a great success.

We were honored to do all of this in collaboration with Rafanelli Events, a team of incredibly talented individuals and creatives who believe in the power of #DesignForGood. Let’s create something beautiful for your corporate or nonprofit event! Book a consultation here.

Read more about the inspiration behind our invitation design here, and discover our favorite fashion looks in our style edit inspired by the event, here.

Creative Team: Invitation Design + Event Branding: Ceci New York | Event Planning + Design: Rafanelli Events | Photography: Beau Bumpas, Capehart Photography, Ryan Emberley

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