A Tropical Beach Wedding In Cancún, Mexico For Rachel Lindsay Abasolo

Rachel Lindsey Wedding

#CeciBride Rachel Lindsay is a woman known for her strength and joy. When planning her wedding invitation design, we knew that these same elements of boldness could bring the perfect personal touch to her wedding with Bryan Abasolo in Cancun, Mexico at The Royalton Suites. With inspiration drawn from the natural elements of the tropical setting and a special touch of sparkle that reflected the couple’s personality, we created elegant yet playful pieces that made this event one to remember. 

For guests, the celebration started even before the big day with getaway activities and sightseeing. Taken at one of the most picturesque cenote swimming caves in Mexico, the couple was photographed doing their own fair share of exploring. “This picture captured by Clane Gessel two days before our wedding is not just a stunning image but symbolizes so many facets to our relationship.” said Rachel. Her way of alluding to their love as a brightness in their lives much like the light that shined upon them in the photo inspired us to bring a similar shine to every detail at the event.

At the ceremony, set in a glass encased overlook along the shore, a custom designed aisle sat beneath Rachel as she walked to the altar for the special moment. The same palm leaves that had painted guests’ invitations danced along the edges of this statement piece and mirrored the palms that surrounded the altar. Once at the reception, our designs brightened the walls and dance floor with digital graphic palm art surrounding the couple’s custom logo. Rachel and Bryan danced atop glowing LED floors that shined up into the open sky. Large white roses cascaded down the charming cake that finished off the night. Every detail was simply elegant and made this wedding a paradise of its own.

Take a peek into our design process and invitation suite for this event by reading Rachel Lindsay Abasolo's Tropical Palm Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Invitation Design & Event Branding: Ceci New York   |  Custom Watercolor: Ceci New York   |  Event Planner: Michael Russo Events   |  Photography: Clane Gessel Studio   |  Venue: Royalton Suites Cancun   |  Dress: Randi Rahm   |  Rings: Neil Lane   |  Earrings: Brevani   |  Suit: Aleks Musika   |  Stylist: Cary Fetman   |  Hair: Cynthia Alvarez

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