An Old World Portugal Wedding In A Historic 16th Century Cathedral

An Old World Portugal Wedding In A Historic 16th Century Cathedral

On the coast of Portugal just outside of Lisbon, a world of culture and history lives on in the small parish of Sintra. With buildings that date back to the 8th century, there is so much rich history and tradition that runs within the setting of this special place. And this is exactly why #CeciBride Fabianna and fiance Aaron chose a 16th century cathedral for their ceremony spot. Because of these rich qualities, it was important to us that we incorporate every design and flourish from the venue’s beautiful details; namely, the blue and yellow tiles that painted the walls and floors. From the moment guests received their invitation, they were transported into a modern day old world Portugal scene and the stunning wedding was yet to come!

On the big day, the bride, surrounded by her bridesmaids, prepared to walk down the aisle in a ruffled lace gown with a geometric floral inspired overlay and lush white peony bouquet. Guests waited under the grand decoration within the cathedral, looking through our blue and yellow watercolor programs that sat at each seat. The couple wed at an altar in front of the site’s beautiful golden Portuguese architecture, adorned with coordinating fresh white florals.

On their walk outside of the church, they were celebrated underneath an archway of greenery and blooms that looked as though it were an extension of a royal garden. This style carried all the way into the reception where, once guests found their names on the large custom tile inspired escort wall, they were led to tables with the same lush greenery and overgrown flowers. Each table was labeled not by a number but by a city that held special meaning for the couple and served as a different canvas for the garden to take shape. Mixed within these large arrangements were blue, purple, yellow, and white flowers and centerpiece tree-like plants that towered above the guests. Tea candles in glass cups hung from the trees giving the entire setting an ethereal feel.

A detailed Portuguese tile was placed above each plate whose patterning was reflected in our menus that sat on top of natural colored linens and simple glass accessories. The dance floor and cake were studded with the same intricate royal blue tiles with pops of yellow. This fantasy wedding was truly one that brought the beauty of the past to life.

Take a peek into our design process and invitation suite for this event by reading A Modern Watercolor Patterned Invitation Inspired By Old World Portuguese Tiles


Invitation Design & Event Branding: Ceci New York | Custom Watercolor: Ceci New York | Event Planner: The Wedding Co | Floral Design: Decoflorália | Venue: Penha Longa Resort | Photography: Gert Huygaerts | Catering: Penha Longa Catering | Cake: T Bakes | Videographer: Videoart Storytellers | Band: The Strikes Event Band | Rentals: Tudo é Festa

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