Ask Ceci: Place Cards vs. Escort Cards, What’s The Difference?

Ask Ceci: Place Cards vs. Escort Cards, What’s The Difference?

Oftentimes our clients ask, “What is the difference between an escort card and a place card?”. The easy answer is that escort cards are made to direct guests to a certain table and most often are placed on a table outside of, or at the entrance to the reception area. The escort cards include the guests name and a table number where, once they walk inside, they will find a place card with their name on it at a specific seat. Although place cards and escort cards can exclusively function without one another, they are commonly used together to ensure a smooth seating experience for guests.

Place cards and escort cards can both be designed very creatively so that they serve multiple purposes or don’t look like cards at all. See below for a handful of escort cards and place cards that exhibit both traditional and unique takes on these functional pieces.

Below are examples of escort cards, which traditionally are tented, followed by examples of escort card walls. For the first wall example, the cards were held in vellum envelopes, and for the second the cards were tied with ribbon to a wire gate. This is just a small sample of methods that our clients have chosen to incorporate their escort cards.

The following are examples of place cards, which traditionally are either flat cards or tented cards. Other popular options include menus that incorporate a place card, or a calligraphed bellyband that is wrapped around the menu.

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