Ceci Johnson, speaks on branding as Keynote Speaker of RSVP’s 2022 Paris Symposium

Ceci Johnson, speaks on branding as Keynote Speaker of RSVP’s 2022 Paris Symposium

The (Wo)man, the Myth, the Legend... and as many have coined her, Ceci Johnson, the "Queen" of branding.

You may have heard her discuss the importance of branding in one of our Instagram Lives or seen a #cecibrandmakeover or two. But for the first time, she explored the idea of 'Branding Up' forty-seven meters up in the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, you read that right, inside of the Eiffel Tower.



 Our Founder and Creative Director not only had the honor of being one of the speakers for RSVP's 2022 Paris Symposium, but she also commenced the three-day event with her keynote presentation. The speaker lineup, comprised of other industry leaders and wavemakers, effortlessly impressed and shared their expertise on the topic of the Symposium, 'Elevating Up'.

This theme for the Symposium hit much closer to home than many may have expected. RSVP, formerly Bridelux, launched their highly anticipated rebrand moments before Ceci took the stage. At that moment, Bridelux truly elevated UP, 47 meters UP (in the Eiffel), to what is now known as RSVP, the way the wedding and party world connects. The energy that filled the room was electric, full of excitement and opportunity, setting the stage perfectly for the following keynote on all things 'Branding Up', presented by the "Queen" of branding herself.

While overlooking the City of Light, Ceci illuminated the idea of brand makeovers and how to self-critique your brand to recognize if you need a makeover. What better way to teach the audience than by using the rebrand of RSVP itself as her first case study?

Before diving into the nitty gritty, she first covered the basics, like the true definition of 'brand', restructuring the definition for many in the crowd. In her experience, she's found many people to misplace importance on some aspects like your logo or typefaces. While those elements are essential, it's necessary to recognize how all of the pieces of a brand fit together.


Setting the tone that your brand is more complex than what meets the eye, she dove into the topic of brand makeovers specifically. She moved the audience through their own four-step self-critique of their brand and, at one point, ignited a delightful participatory experience. She prompted the audience to show their neighbor their logo during step three. What was their first impression? What does it communicate to them? Did their answer surprise you? Was your logo successful? The room was filled with nervous chatter, which quickly turned into bright exclamations when they received a successful answer or into more curious conversations as some received surprising feedback.

Following their self-critique, Ceci walked through a few before and after examples in our own #CeciBrandMakeovers. She intentionally highlighted a few of our clients who experienced similar journeys as those in the crowd. In fact, one of them was actually sitting in the first row! Brands like Jennifer Patrice, Opulent Petals, and Personal Touch Catering passionately shared their testimonial on the power of rebranding. We asked them to answer three questions: "What led you to the decision to rebrand?", "What has your experience been since rebranding?" and "If you had one piece of advice to give someone considering rebranding, what would it be?".

As many entrepreneurs and business owners experienced, the pandemic offered the industry a moment to pause and reflect. After all, that time rewarded Bridelux with the notion to makeover their brand entirely. Nevertheless, the point Ceci made after it all is an essential lesson for everyone; “It's never too late to brand up!”. Learn how to self-critique your brand and about other entrepreneurial lessons and advice in our Ask Ceci: For Entrepreneurs column. 

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