How To Self-Critique Your Brand in Four Steps

How To Self-Critique Your Brand in Four Steps

A gift for: You. Whether you're just starting your own business or have been in the game for thirty years.

From: Our award-winning team of brand and design experts at Ceci New York.

A simple, four-step guide to help self-critique your brand to know if you need a makeover. It might be time for that brand makeover you've always dreamed of...

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The most critical step when starting your critique is taking a step back to reassess your vision. Although we all know there's beauty in aging, we're not talking about your eyesight (kisses to our 40+ crowd reading this). Instead, we're referring to the mental image of the ideal state you see your brand achieving over time. Has that vision changed from when you founded your business? Have you outgrown your current brand? Do you have different goals and aspirations than before?


Ask yourself, does your name capture your brand, and does it resonate with your target audience? One of our favorite examples is our dear friend and client, Cole Drake Events. Cole Drake Events is a luxury destination Napa & Sonoma wedding planning company located in the heart of the Napa Wine Country. When they first came to us, they were head over heels for "Blazing Stars". The issue was it didn't work for their brand at all. It didn't exude the Napa luxury or feeling their audience sought when looking for their wedding planner.

Pull out your phone (or create a new tab) and google your brand name. Yes, we know it's scary, but just do it!

What did you find? If you've looked up your brand name before, odds are you found your own website or social page. Does your domain capture your brand? Is it easy for people to remember or write down? Now, look deeper into your social platforms of priority. Do your social handles capture your brand? Are they clear and straightforward, or are they full of various underscores and unnecessary verbiage?

An easy mistake many business owners make after finding a name that accurately depicts their brand is dismissing the importance of available domains and social handles. Performing a ten to fifteen-minute audit on the forefront can save you time, money, and a dreadful headache. How will you ever get your dream clients if they can't find you online? Take this as your sign to reassess your name choice and develop a new one if it's not doing you any favors.


Although your logo isn't the most crucial part of your brand, it's still important to closely examine it. What first impression does it give? Ask a friend, colleague, or that family member we all have that is brutally honest. Anyone with an outside or fresh perspective is an excellent person to ask.

Similar to your name, does your logo resonate with your audience? Does it exude what your brand is all about? Think back to step one for a moment. Does your logo design fit your vision? Make sure they all connect in one seamless and cohesive look.


This step aims to help you understand two things:

  1. How your brand is perceived in the marketplace
  2. If your current positioning is effective and successful

Picture your dream clientele. Is your branding attracting that client at the moment? If the answer is no, you probably need a brand makeover.

Now, picture your current audience. Is your branding catering to the entire audience or specific segments (socioeconomically, geographically, etc.)? Does your dream clientele fit into that audience you just pictured? Again, you probably need a brand makeover if the answer is no.

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In November, our Founder and Creative Director, Ceci Johnson, shared this critique during her Keynote Presentation at RSVP's 2022 Paris Symposium, forty-seven meters up inside the Eiffel Tower. To learn more about 'Branding Up', click here.

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