Gio's Doljanchi Luau in Maui, Hawaii

Gio's Doljanchi Luau in Maui, Hawaii

Welcome to Gio's Doljanchi, a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday of a baby. It took on an authentic luau theme in Maui, Hawaii with his closet friends and family. Our team drew inspiration from the colorful scenery around the island and the cultural elements that made this day incredibly special. Keep reading below to look into our Event Branding for Gio's First Birthday!

Inspired by our invitation design, our team continued to set the bar high and create visuals that were seen all over the party; from inside the drinks with custom acrylic sticks to the gift bags, and even some playing cards. Our original watercolor art is seen above as a unique photo backdrop idea. 


Gio's Doljanchi Luau was created to be a vibrant and playful occasion, with sun-safe spots to enjoy the weather and relax in the shade. The lush green scenery surrounding the venue intertwines with our signage and tropical watercolor elements seen throughout the party perfectly.

The guest of honor himself! How adorable is he?

A glimpse of our #CeciCouture Invitation Design for Gio's Birthday Weekend.

A fun way to add a branded touch to any event is with custom art on Acrylic Sticks. You can see little pops of watercolor throughout the cocktails in the party while guests enjoy their signature cocktails. And of course, branded signage is a must! We love how creative the DIY-Floral Crown bar is, full of fresh-picked florals found locally in the area of Maui. 

Our menu design, featuring tropical watercolor florals with cohesive colors and elements seen throughout the invitation design. Every accessory our team created utilizes the same inspiration and concept to create a cohesive look for the entire event. 


The night ended with lots of dancing and music, paying homage to the art of the luau. The entertainment added a lively and exciting touch to a fun-filled afternoon, tying the theme together nicely. 


Read more about our inspiration for Gio's #CeciCouture Watercolor Invitation here

Event Planning: Michigan Avenue Events
Photographer: Anna Kim Photography


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