Gio's Tropical First Birthday Invitation With Vibrant Watercolor Elements

Gio's Tropical First Birthday Invitation With Vibrant Watercolor Elements

Gio's #CeciCouture First Birthday Invitation certainly set the tone for the weekend celebrations that were to follow in Maui, Hawaii. Not only does his invitation demonstrate gorgeous tropical and Valentine's-inspired watercolors, but it also draws from a very unique and intimate detail in Gio's life. 




When our design team sets to work, they dream up concepts from their imaginations that depict who you are as a couple, celebrant, or in this case, an adorable one year old named Gio. That's where the inspiration drew in his Korean and Vietnamese culture. Keep reading for a look behind the design, at our moodboard, sketches, and concept. 



To represent both cultures within Gio's family, Korean and Vietnamese, we dreamed up a beautiful horizontal gatefold invitation that does just that. When you look at front-left side, you can read Gio's Korean name "Yong-joo" underneath his portait dressed in his Hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit to commemorate his Doljanchi, the Korean first birthday. On the front-right side you'll find Gio dressed in his Ao Dai for his Vietnamese first birthday, the Thoi Noi, with his Vietnamese name "An Hoa" beneath him. 

On the inside of the invitation, you'll discover that the weekend is full of exciting affairs, from his first birthday luau, to a Valentine's Brunch and Dinner. Gio's furry family members were even drawn and watercolored as dainty cupid's! We hope you find inspiration from this beautiful and stylishly personalized first birthday invitation full of meaning, fun memories, and one-of-a-kind watercolor art.

Read more about Gio's Doljanchi Luau here.

Event Planning: Michigan Avenue Events
Photographer: Anna Kim Photography

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