A Chic Fairytale Wedding at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

A Chic Fairytale Wedding at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

#CeciBride Alexis and her forever said "I do" at the most magical place on earth! The couple invited their closet friends and family for an extravagant occasion under the sun and the stars at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. An affair full of love, gorgeous florals, and a touch of pixie dust. 

Inspired by the fairytale of Cinderella, Alexis and Christopher's wedding aesthetic was full of pastel pinks and blues, with soft ivory accents. It was a balance of playful style, that came off super elegant and chic- a must for the fashion forward bride. 

 One of our favorite details that Alexis thoughtfully curated was her custom veil, which says, "Happily Ever After". Seen alongside the same quote in her #CeciCouture invitation is the couple's monogram that our team designed especially for them. The bluebirds, a nod to Cinderella's little friends, is seen intertwining a pink satin ribbon through the letters. We love a playful touch to a monogram! 

 The couple's reception was no exception, with an enchanting tablescape featuring the menu design that our team created for the occasion. Featuring similar elements to their invitation design, the setting creates a cohesive brand for the event. The same little bluebirds are even seen dancing on top of the cake! 

Most receptions are the end to magic, but not for Alexis and Christopher. The couple's after party at Cinderella's castle (and of course an amusement ride or two) was the crème de la crème of the evening. The #CeciBride pulled of a glamorous outfit change into a glittering sequin jumpsuit, while her #CeciGroom sported a sleek suit vibrant pair of pink sneakers. 


View their #CeciCouture Wedding Invitations here (they are truly fit for Cinderella herself)!

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