Partyslate Aspen Includes Ceci Johnson on Digital Marketing Panel

Partyslate Aspen Includes Ceci Johnson on Digital Marketing Panel

Navigating the ever-evolving world of digital marketing was/is/will always be challenging. Every day, a new feature, program, algorithm, or platform exists. However, the power of community and encouragement for continued learning was felt during PartySlate Aspen's Panel on Creating a Healthy Digital Marketing Strategy. Our Founder and Creative Director, Ceci Johnson, spoke alongside two other empowering women in business, Guerda Arabia of Guerdy Design and Julie Roth Novack of PartySlate.

After discussing their digital marketing goals, they dove into social media, content marketing, and SEO. They each tackled difficult questions like, "What are your top priorities, and how do you decide when to say 'enough'!, and "Are there any digital marketing techniques that you've tried and failed with?".


Ceci, Guerdy, and Julie quelled fears, anxieties, and pain points that those in the crowds relate to at this point in their business.

As three women who have pioneered the industry fearlessly, you can only imagine the insight and inspiration the room gained.

Ceci Johnson travels the globe speaking to fellow designers, women in business, wedding industry professionals, and other entrepreneurial groups. She presents on several topics ranging from her inspirational creative journey to how to run a profitable, sustainable business while maintaining a work/life balance and successfully branding your company. Interested in having Ceci speak at your event? Submit a request here.

Photography: 5th Avenue Digital

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