Sharing the Story of Rosie's Theater Kids

Sharing the Story of Rosie's Theater Kids

Clients often come to Ceci New York looking for a brand “facelift” – a chance to upgrade the look and feel of their company through design. But it’s important to remember that branding is about so much more than making things pretty. For all our Ceci clients, I take the time to dive in and really get to know the history, meaning and goals of the organization so that I can tell a complete story. This time, we had the opportunity tell the story of Rosie’s Theater Kids’ Passing It On event. Rosie's Theater Kids was founded by Rosie O'Donnell to inspire and support young theatrical performers in New York City.

We started by taking the old program and thinking about how we could breathe some new life into it, drawing inspiration from Playbills, the lights of Broadway and, most importantly, the kids. The Passing It On logo was inspired by the mentorship program where students receive one-on-one inspirational instruction from professional teaching artists. Bold fonts symbolize the strength and empowerment that the relationship between the mentor and students provides. The type playfully incorporates classic marquee typography, representing every aspiring performer’s dream to see his or her name in lights.

For the save-the-date, poster and invitation we designed for Rosie’s Theater Kids’ Passing It On event, the goal was to create a commemorative graphic that would live on for years to come. As with every branding client, all the pieces must go together in a cohesive, refined look that embodies the spirit of the organization.


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