Branding for Kate Neal Photography

Branding for Kate Neal Photography

Kate Neal Photography came to Ceci New York for a rebranding and wanting to reach higher end clients in the Philadelphia and NYC markets. A husband and wife team, Kate Neal Photography prides themselves on being two "first shooters" for events, so you're hiring two experts who are able to capture the special moments of your event. It was important for the new logo to speak to a luxury market but also be approachable and friendly, and maintain their playful side. We paired two stylized and feminine capital letters with a classic typeface with an angular edge to it to maintain this balance and create the perfect logo.

Logo concept sketches

Album cover

Business cards designs - gold foil on a matte black stock, finished with a gold foil gilded edge

Branded packaging design

We applied the same typographic treatment to a logo for their podcast, The Giving Party, a podcast that interviews industry professionals on their work, how their business came to be, and how they use their positions to give back to their communities.

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