Branding for Room at the Beach

Branding for Room at the Beach

Ceci New York created the brand for Room at the Beach – a boutique hotel located in The Hamptons with a sophisticated, bohemian vibe! The hotel's unique location near both the beach and in the woods was the inspiration for the brand's visual identity, as the client wanted to find a way to reflect the location through the brand design. Ceci New York was commissioned to develop the brand identity, along with the hotel's marketing collateral and branded items placed within the guest rooms, including hotel keys, door hangers, cups and coasters, postcards, notepads, matchbooks and signage. 

Initial logo design concept sketches.

Hotel welcome signage featuring the new Room at the Beach logo and branded pattern.

Room at the Beach hotel room key cards – each card featured a different branded pattern on the front with a coral or blue watercolor wash backing.

Branded notepad and custom matchbooks were designed for guests and placed within each hotel suite. The matchbooks featured a unique triangular shape and were printed on a speciality white woodgrain paper stock.

Branded postcards for Room at the Beach – the three branded patterns that Ceci New York created for the hotel's brand identity were used on these postcard backs for a touch of playfulness and personality!

Custom, die cut door hangers created for Room at the Beach, featuring the coral and blue watercolor washes that have been used throughout the hotel's brand identity – one side plays off of the beach umbrella illustration from the brand's logo, and the other side plays off of the redwood tree illustration. 

Branded hexagonal coasters and paper cups featuring the brand's three unique pattern designs.

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