Ceci Couture for Orali Perfume | No. 206

Ceci Couture for Orali Perfume | No. 206

Ceci New York was commissioned to design a logo for Orali Perfume, a luxury organic perfume brand. With the goal of capturing the spirit of Orali, which means "the light from within," the hand drawn letters wove and intertwined with an open flow and elegance that started in the delicate swirling "O." The bold letters of Orali were paired with a custom drawn script for "perfume," so the lettering is entirely one-of-a-kind, much like the perfume itself.

Initial concept design sketches.

Primary packaging design for Orali perfume bottle and box packaging design, featuring custom illustration work by Ceci New York. Inspired by the Barbier style of drawings, we created custom scenes of Orali girls in moments of leisure.

Primary perfume bottle packaging – each bottle featured a branded, gold foil stamped and die cut label. Tied around the neck of each bottle was a custom-sourced gold thread and letterpress tag on thick and luxe ecru paper, featuring the Flower of Life, an important icon for the Orali brand.

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